RECTO Men Sustainable Tech Jersey Round Neck T-Shirt

$68 $225

Made in Southkorea

Compositions: 86% POLYAMIDE 14% ELASTANE


Korean designer Ji Yeon Jung, serving as the creative director at Recto, is redefining contemporary sophistication and utility. The brand's name, "Recto," draws inspiration from the right-hand page of an open book, symbolizing the potential of a blank canvas and blurring the lines between gendered aesthetics. Jung's unwavering dedication to precise and refined fashion finds its expression in Recto's timeless menswear collection, featuring wide-leg trousers, laid-back denim jeans, and impeccably tailored shirts, all crafted from functional fabrics and adorned in neutral hues. Demonstrating a keen sense of streamlined convenience, Jung completes Recto's menswear range with impeccably finished leather goods, belts, and sleek calfskin Chelsea boots. Ultimately, Recto's wearable collections serve as an invitation to embrace elegant comfort, explore creative styling, and indulge in playful embellishments.


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