Radiant Fluid Foundation O10 1 oz.

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A liquid foundation that gives skin a dewy lustrous finish and creates a glowing veil of beauty. Emits multi-dimensional light from the surface of the complexion to provide an even radiance and a fine texture. Protects skin with broad spectrum SPF 24.

Key Benefits

Contains Illuminating Complex, a powerful moisture-stabilizing force that promotes exquisite radiance.

Day Matching Powder responds to changes in skin tone throughout the day and maintains a perfect foundation finish.

Watery Oil Base provides a uniquely dewy, lustrous finish. Imparts a “glowing veil” to reveal a vibrant luminosity that transcends the natural look of skin.

Resists dullness, wear and changes in color throughout the day to retain a beautiful finish for hours.

Moisturizes skin and allows you to feel hydrating treatment.

Developed with a dewy serum-like texture that glides on as if melting over skin to become one with your complexion and provide a smooth finish.

Contains Chestnut Rose Fruit Extract to make skin feel soft providing moisture while preventing skin from looking dull.

How to Use

Apply after using your skincare and pre-makeup items.

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