ACRONYM Black J96-GT 3L Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

Shorter. Wider. Techer. Optioner. A non-restrictive dolman sleeve pattern is the key to the J96's new look and feel. Compact, yet light and effortless, the 96 feels fast and loose in the way that only a cropped jacket can. But this blunter shape doesn't mean sacrifices in performance or options. The jacket can be anchored down by the articulated SpeedLock hem, and armors up against inclemencies both physical and psychological via either Storm Hat or Storm Hood. Both head gear options are included with the jacket and store the twin TensionZip chest pockets designed specifically to hold them (hood on the left, hat on the right). Mezzanine pockets behind these are the perfect place to park idle hands, and the cavernous lower bi-lateral pockets will swallow almost anything else you should want to carry. EscapeZip and Jacketsling mean you can doff the whole package and be hands-free and back at it in seconds.

3L GORE-TEX® PRO (70% PA, 30% ePTFE).

Made in China.

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