IIUVO Gilot Parfum

Françoise Gilot was just twenty-one when she first met Pablo Picasso in a Parisian café. Yet, not long after, she accompanied the painter to the South of France, to live as his lover and muse. Often depicting her in cool, aquatic tones of blue and green, Picasso referred to Gilot as his Mediterranean inspiration. After ten years and two children, Gilot left Picasso despite his fierce protestation that Nobody leaves a man like me, and went on to achieve great success as an artist and academic in her own right. A 1948 photograph of the couple on holiday in Golfe-Juan shows her walking magnificently in front while Picasso follows behind, shading his love with a parasol. Her power, and his vulnerability to it, are palpable. Gilot is a fresh yet complex scent, inspired by the Mediterranean, dedicated to formidable women.

100 mL / 3.4 fl. oz.

Top: Bergamot / Grapefruit / Freesia. Core: Neroli / Bitter Almond / Nutmeg. Base: Musk / Moss / White Marshmallow.

Made in France.

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