Larry Rinder Buck Shots


Author: Larry Rinder
Photographer: Peter Sutherland

This signed copy of Buck Shots is a compilation of deer photos by filmmaker and photographer Peter Sutherland, taken in Colorado, California, Utah, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Vermont and New Zealand between 2002 and 2007.

“Indeed, I find Peter Sutherland’s photographs to be quite funny. His deer exude an infectious self-serious absurdity, going about their deer-like business regardless of obstacle or inconvenience. Their incongruity is exaggerated to the point where these ordinary animals seem to be nothing less than visitors from another world, transfixed and radiating a cosmic light, with bright, sci-fi eyes that seem about to blaze right out of their heads. With an almost total absence of humans, in Sutherland’s images the deer have inherited the earth.” - Lawrence R. Rinder

ISBN: 978-157687401

Paperback. 100 pages.
Language: English.
Publisher: powerHouse Books (Sept. 1 2007)


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