PGG White Amossa x Nylon Mechanical Stretch Taffeta Hoodie Blouson

$245 $408
Amossa x mechanical stretch taffeta padded hoody blouson designed to maximize ease of movement and beauty when worn. The highlight is the trendy peplum design at the hem, which features fine gathers and beautiful frill lines. A perfect balance of lightweight knit material that feels good on the skin and durable high stretch nylon fabric for a comfortable fit. For the filling, we use a light and warm flare ball, which is a high-performance filling that converts infrared rays emitted from sunlight into heat energy and heats up and retains heat. There is a double zip front zipper that allows you to change the silhouette according to your outfit and weather, and the hood has a drawcord with a stopper.

100% Polyester.
Made in China.

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