PGG Navy Nylon Stretch Taffeta X OCTA Hoodie Jacket

$315 $525
A nylon stretch taffeta x OCTA hoody jacket that combines design and comfort by switching between different materials with a beautiful diamond-like pattern that shines depending on the angle. In addition to excellent water absorption and quick drying properties and heat shielding properties, TECHNO STRETCH, a stretch functional material that has numerous functionalities such as high level stretch, kickback properties, water repellency, and flexibility, is integrated with the batting and lining. Adopts OCTA, a comfortable and functional material. It has stretch and kickback properties that make your body move comfortably, and contains a lot of air, making it lightweight and highly heat-retaining, so you can feel comfortable wearing it. The three-dimensional structure has been created in pursuit of comfort so that it can demonstrate high performance even in extremely cold environments. The double-zip front zipper, which can also be used as ventilation, closes securely all the way to the top to reduce cold air from the neck. The drawcord on the hood and hem, as well as the Velcro bands on the cuffs, allow you to customize the silhouette to suit the weather and your outfit.

Outer: 86% Nylon, 14% Polyurethane.
Lining: 100% Polyester.
Made in China.

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