Assouline So Far So Goude

Representing Jean-Paul Goude's life and work from the late 1960s up to the present, the book spans Goude's years at Esquire; his revolutionary work with Grace Jones, his videos for MTV and for Azzedine Alaia; his advertising work for Chanel, and more. With text and images by Goude himself, So Far So Goude is the definitive book on the work of an extraordinarily innovative, talented and unorthodox man. With more than 350 illustrations in full color, this book is a fascinating reference for anyone interested in fashion illustration, photography, and all other avenues of commercial design and advertising.

Hardcover with jacket and inserted DVD
Language: English
Released in October 2005
W 9.72 x L 11.61 x D 1.57 in
ISBN: 9782843237553
5.45 lb

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