MERYLL ROGGE Women Iconic Double Cardigan

$336 $1,120

Made in Spain

Compositions: Cashmere 100%


Meryll Rogge is a Belgian women's fashion label that offers a contemporary wardrobe characterized by unexpected combinations and unique arrangements. It takes classic and durable clothing items and reimagines them with a touch of unconventional beauty. Drawing inspiration from both the straightforward simplicity of menswear and the refined sophistication of eveningwear, the brand aims to establish a delightfully ambiguous style?€?one that thrives on serendipitous connections and practical sartorial choices. A strong and confident vision of femininity serves as a creative cornerstone, along with a steadfast belief in the enduring qualities of timeless designs, both in terms of shapes and materials, defining the essence of the label. Embracing the evolving nature of fashion, each collection weaves a new narrative?€?an exploration of possibilities and fantasies conveyed through silhouettes and patterns. It's a tribute to the joyful reinvention of oneself through clothing that transcends gender and generation boundaries.


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